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Delta Chemicals Concrete Sealer and Concrete Repair Products

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Anti Slip Coatings

Prevents slips, slides, falls...

Anti slip floor coatings for concrete, masonry, metal, cement, wood - all surfaces!

Permanent, easy and ready-to-use non skid and non slip floor coatings are now available direct from the manufacturer for any type of surface.

Long lasting roll on safety are now available to accident proof any surface. Non slip floor coatings and nonskid floor coatings are perfect for cement and concrete floors, metal, wood and tile. Have porcelain or ceramic tile floors? Click Here!

They come in clear or colors and will end slip and fall problems for use both indoors and outdoors. VOC compliant. Resists caustic attacks and general abrasion.


Light Traction Concrete Floor Coating

Light Traction

Medium Traction Anti Slip Coatings

Medium Traction

Heavy Traction for Cement Floors

Heavy Traction


Our non slip floor coating gives you vehicular-grade anti-slip protection even when wet and resists a wide range of chemicals for extended wear life.


  • Excellent sure footing even in wet areas
    • Stairways, Loading Docks, Catwalks, Shower Rooms
  • Recommended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Resistant to alkali, detergents, acids, brake fluid, etc.
  • Apply to wood, concrete, steel, stone and more
  • Colors: Clear, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, White
  • Dry Time: 5 - 6 hours

Our non slip and non skid roll on products will resist chemicals, caustics, even brake fluid. Designed for both foot and vehicle traffic. Our non slip and non skid coatings are packed in 1 and 5 gallon pails. Easy applied by roller and very long lasting.

Many of our anti slip coatings are ready to use and require no mixing! For use on cement, concrete, metal, steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and tile. A must wherever slip and fall problems are an issue.

Industrial uses include slip-proofing warehouse floors, garage floors, stairs, ramps, sidewalk, as well as loading docks, bridges, walkways and handicap ramps.

Safe to use indoors and outdoors and especially important in production areas, kitchen areas with frequent wash downs, driveways, basement floors, warehouse and inside trucks.

Delta Chemicals non slip floor coatings and non skid floor coatings will withstand car, truck and forklift weight on roadways and industrial and warehouse floors.

Our permanent, easy-to-use epoxy and rubber based roll-on concrete floor coatings have a beautiful finish and come in a variety of colors, while providing a gritty like finish (from mild to extra gritty).

Save on downtime and increase worker and pedestrian safety even where water, grease and oil spillage is a problem.

Have a specific question? Just call Jess Warren at (800) 473-3796.

Please click here to read the
Nonslip Floor Coatings Material Safety Data Sheet

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